The Process

While studying acting my mentor told me 'You have to love the process'. I never thought much of it at the time and here I am almost 20 years later and it's relevant. The beginning of 'Wine If You Want To' was a daydream after filming some documentary footage in Italy in 2007 & then taking my flip camera to the Loire Valley, France in 2010 to edit a short educational film for my staff at the time. It also took many moments of personal reflection to convince myself "you got this". The process from there has been scary, thrilling, challenging, and educational to say the least. As of  November  2014 I took matters into my own hands after collaborating with several producers, I decided to get all my footage and start out on a different path- launching a YouTube channel called 'Wine If You Want To' to get the word out there that I am looking for content and support all the time because this process I love.